Based on our Vision, we prefer to work as a business partner, not as a supplier. Our experience and skills for the best solutions in terms of functionality, quality and cost are:

A) Support of product development

  • Part design examinations
  • Feasibility studies
  • Part development & improvement support
  • Cost reduction & quality improvement studies

B) Design of Production equipments

  • Aluminum injection moldings
  • Fixtures for CNC machining centers
  • Control fixtures and equipments
  • Material flow simulations
  • As a business partner we are also always working on continuously improvements. The experience of our design, production & quality team is very important.

C) Cost reduction studies based on

  • Part development & improvement
  • Quality improvement studies
  • Analysis of running processes
  • Analysis of existing tools
  • Analysis of existing fixtures
  • Analysis of existing control fixture & gauges
  • Producibility study and correction & improvement
  • Cost reduction studies for products & toolings