CNC Machining

CNC Machining

Our company offers both casted and machined product options depending on customer requirements. We have 3 and 4 axis machining machines (horizontal, vertical, lathe).

We work with high productivity with double pallet processing, high speed, Poke-Yoke applications and various saving solutions. In addition, in order to monitor all process parameters during production and use all equipment as efficiently as possible, we have connected all machines to a software program (our own software) called AIPS (Arslan Integrated Production System). By adapting to the ERP system, we have become a fully integrated facility.

Advantages of ATIPS (ATS Integrated Production System):

  • Online Production monitoring,
  • Production efficiency and accessibility to sub-fractions,
  • Online Access to ATIPS data at any time,
  • Optional software support,

Toolhouse / Tool Management

  • Status of stocks, life cycle and wear level of cutting tools can be monitored via software support.
  • Thanks to the integration of the tool measuring device into the production system, it is possible to measure the tools in high precision, accuracy and speed.
  • The goal is to design tools for high quality production.

Assembly Guarantee Masters:

  • Each piece which is produced, is verified by means of installation gauges, namely customer satisfaction is targeted.

Camera Monitoring Systems:

  • A fully automated production model is implemented to increase customer satisfaction by using camera monitoring systems for products that require assembly.

Robot Automation:

  • We aim to continue production with robotized systems with high efficiency and quality based on automation.
  • Two robot production models are integrated into the system and we continue new investments for the robotic systems in our machining plant.
  • Robot installation and infrastructure works are accomplished by the technical team within ATS.